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Research and Project Management

Our team of seasoned project managers is available 24 hours a day and is familiar with all the processes necessary to ensure the success of every data collection project. Our streamlined bid-to-launch process allows us to provide accurate and competitive pricing, dedicated project management, and efficient panel sampling.

We are aware of the stringent service level agreements required to meet the demands of complex research projects. Our skilled project managers are available round the clock to ensure the success of each project.

Our expert management team is well-equipped to proactively monitor any anomalies during fielding. They are trained to perform feats based on observations such as soft/hard quota, nested quota fills, measured sample deployment, and bulk sample deployment etc.



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Our project management squad is well equipped to monitor study anomalies during fielding and report finding. At the same time, they are also are trained to feat upon these observations, which include soft/hard quotas, nested quota fills, measured sample deployment, bulk sample deployment etc. This entire mechanism is strictly based on the PD-CA model. (Plan-DO- Check-Act)

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Our expertise team has worked on several complex projects and achieved the highest level of satisfaction rate from our clients.

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